“As you cross the threshold to this legendary hotel, you are following in the footsteps of many guests for whom the Waldhaus and its surroundings have always meant pleasure and tranquility. It was here, peaceful and unencumbered, far from the bustling world, on a hill in the forest high above Lake Sils that our forebears decided to build the Waldhaus. Continuing their tradition, the fifth generation now personally welcomes our guests.”

It's very difficult to describe the feeling you get when you arrive at the Waldhaus for the first time. It’s a truly special place, perhaps best described by how hard you will find it to leave.

Swiss Tailor Made are extremely proud to represent the Waldhaus on the UK and other markets. Tour Operators looking for something really special to include for their guests in their future programmes should get in touch with us via team@swisstailormade.com